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Kylie, our Aussie star from Neighbours and singing fame, has been around since Neighbours and has trademarked the name KYLIE in a huge claim of classes both here in Australia and the

United States.

Kylie Jenner, has applied to trade mark her name in a large claim of classes which conflict with the KYLIE trade marks.

Kylie Minogue has filed opposition based on the argument of confusion in the market place. She now has a trade mark legal battle to prove that she is “famous” in the US and that her opposition to Kylie Jenner trade mark is warranted. There are special trade mark rules for famous trade marks based on dilution theory.

This case highlights that IP business strategies are crucially important before applying for a trade mark.

It is important to register your brand application in all classes which accurately describing all of the goods and services in your business for complete protection.

Otherwise you are not protected.

At Sweeny Legal my goal is to help companies and individuals ensure their IP and hard work is protected—and valued, of course.

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