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– Register your intellectual property in your home country, and the countries you intend to sell in or licence to;

For example: Register your trade marks in China and the countries you will be manufacturing your licensed products;

– Remember there is a first to file rule in China – So do not allow your manufacturer to register your trade mark as their own;

– Use a written agreement to protect your know-how, brand and trade secrets in China;

– Seek legal advice and ensure contractually that the Chinese manufacturer supplies products of the desired quality, and within agreed timescales;

Do not rely on purchase orders alone, rely on comprehensive agreements with each manufacturer;

– Use a reputable manufacturer with track record, and one who provides references;

– A successful brand depends on the care and attention to all of these details.

For more information on the Chinese Trade Mark Law Changes

Contact Sweeny Legal reception on 4254 5312 or 0417 699 645

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Liability by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation


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