Who Will Own Your Next Idea?

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Commitment, Integrity, Competence and Fixed Fees

My goal is to help individuals and companies—both owners and licensees—use licensing as a strategic business tool to profit from your intellectual property.

Brands, character merchandising, and intellectual property don’t just happen.

At Sweeny Legal my goal is to help companies and individuals ensure their hard work is protected—and valued, of course.

At this point, you might want to enlist the help of an outside expert, such as a licensing agent, Untapped Agency The Artists Agent whose business is built on understanding the marketplace, analysing the commercial potential of a character merchandising, brand, art work or design concept,

and then using their network of contacts to turn concepts into deals.

You may be an expert on the creative side, but without the business acumen to launch your creation, the idea or concept can be put on the back shelf before it ever sees the light of day.

As a Potential Licensor determine what the application of a brand to your product achieves. Where does it fit into the rest of your products? Does it take your product into a new age range? And if you’re the licensee or owner does the brand add something to the product that makes the

royalties paid to license that brand worth the investment?

Either way, if a brand doesn’t drive some sort of emotion, it’s not a brand. If a brand doesn’t create a reaction, it’s not a brand.

If you don’t want to spend the money to protect yourself before you know a brand has potential, you’ll be leaving yourself open, contact Sweeny Legal Brandsworth Licensing

Always take care of the Legals first so other people can’t own your next idea. Apply for a  trade mark and use appropriate word use first.

If you create something valuable, you may eventually find someone using your intellectual property in an unauthorised manner.

It’s important that you assert your legal rights. As a Brand Owner, if somebody’s simply taking your IP and making products out of it without signing a license with you, it’s theft. You must stop it immediately, for example see the carpets case in which my colleague Terri Janke ran with Colin Golvin in 1994,

Milpurrurru v Indofurn Pty Ltd 54 FCR 240 (1994) 130 ALR 659 .

As the owner of the intellectual property you have control because  a good licensing agreement contains grants and approvals…. and good partners know what works on various types of products. Contact Sweeny Legal Brandsworth Licensing for more information.

Phone: 02 4254 5312

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