Who owns the copyright in this photo?


The monkey does not own the copyright in the photo and the photo rightly belongs in the public domain.

If the photojournalist enhanced or added value to the photo in some way, then he would own the copyright.


The economic logic behind IP rights is to promote innovation and investment in new ideas by giving creators, investors and innovators exclusive commercial control over their

creations, ideas and business goodwill for a limited time. 

Please see my blog for individual IP right fees .

Please contact me for advice in Patents, Trade Marks, Circuit Layouts, Designs, Plant breeders Rights, Domain Name Rights and Copyright.  IP Audits and Corporate Commercial compliance. I have a track record of research and publications in IP.

I have fixed fees so that clients have certainty and I cost pieces of legal work independently to allow a business to evolve into, and develop its business strategy.

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