Protecting your media and entertainment rights

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Media and Entertainment law Agreements and Advice is available at Sweeny Legal including the following specialist legal services designed for advertising agencies, designers, marketing and PR consultancies, filmmakers, artists, writers, bands, game developers, entertainers, broadcasters, publishers, galleries and multi-media companies.

Sweeny Legal advises on all aspects of intellectual property rights relating to music, film, animation, interactive digital media, photographs, art, gallery and museum legal issues and assists with the negotiation of rights, copyright clearances/licences. Sweeny Legal also works closely with creators of content in the development and implementation of strategies for the protection and commercialisation of their work and intellectual property in local and international markets.

Arts Law Agreements and Advice
Multimedia, Communication technologies, Online services and Technology Agreements and Advice
Music Agreements and Advice
Film, Theatre and Television Agreements and Advice
Games and Apps Agreements and Advice
Theatre Agreements and Advice
Visual Arts and Design Agreements and Advice
Gallery and Museum Law Agreements and Advice

For more information on Media and Entertainment and IP rights generally Contract Sweeny Legal on

02 4228 1864 or 0417 699 645


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