Protecting your Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property legal services available:

– commercialisation of intellectual property;
– intellectual property audits (this checks business compliance status an allows for rectification);
– search engine optimisation, SEO advice regarding cataloging websites and tagging search words, such as legal metatag advice on your website;
– registration of logos, domain names, trade marks, and designs (registration of business name alone is not sufficient protection);
– copyright advice, obtaining copyright clearance and permissions, copyright licence & copyright assignment;
– defending infringements of trade marks, designs, copyright and domain names, and moral rights;
– confidential information agreements;
– IT development, support & maintenance agreements;
– software development agreements;
– artist agreements for exhibitions;
– architects and drafting copyright plan agreements;

– media and entertainment agreements;

– performance agreements;
– film recording agreements;
– authored works agreements and joint authorship agreements;
– screenplay and film rights agreements;
– Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge;
– protecting, managing and enforcing intellectual property rights;
– intellectual property, innovation and commercialisation advice;
– protection for new inventions to market;
– patent registration advice;
– plant breeders rights (PBRs) advice;
– designs law registration and advice;
– trade mark registration and advice.

For more information on brand strategies and management, contact Sweeny Legal IP and Commercial

4228 1864 or 0417 699645


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