Risk Management

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Risk Management

Intellectual Property, Information Technology and risk management forms a large part of Sweeny Legal practice. More and more, lawyers in the corporate sector and in-house legal service providers are looking for opportunities to contribute to the community using their legal skills. At Sweeny Legal we are an experienced in-house legal counsel, and we do provide in-house outsourcing as part of legal services provision.

Corporate in-house legal services are all about managing and assessing risk, managing and assessing liabilities and managing and assessing your compliance in a business environment using an audit strategy. It can involve Information Technology and Intellectual Property agreements, and any type of Business Agreement or Business Relationship.

If you are a small business enterprise (SME) or Corporate Commercial Enterprise and need corporate in-house legal services.

Sweeny Legal can provide:

due diligence legal advice and reporting generally;
due diligence legal advice in relation to intellectual property and information technology;
licensing agreement of all types, Brandsworth Licensing;
establishing, acquiring, and divesting businesses;
structuring and establishing companies, joint ventures, partnerships and other strategic business alliances;
Corporations Act advice and compliance;
advising owners and directors on strategic matters, and on their legal duties and rights;
commercial agreements relevant to specific industry needs, including licensing, distribution and agency agreements;
commercialisation and innovation of intellectual property rights;
confidentiality agreements;
trade practices law breach and compliance work.

For more information on brand strategies and management, contact Sweeny Legal IP and Commercial

4228 1864 or 0417 699645


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