Protecting your domain name

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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your online address on the internet. All computers on the internet have a unique identifying number – an Internet Protocol address.

This is because this address is difficult to remember, we use a domain name.

A domain name is promoted so that customers can easily find your specific goods or services. Each website has its own distinct domain name, allowing it to be distinguishable from other sites. For the most part, domain names are easy to remember because they are usually made up of a business name and a commonly understood term or language that their customers will recognise.

Differences Between Trade Marks, Business, Company and Domain Names

Registering a business, company or domain name DOES NOT give you any ownership rights over that name – only a trade mark can provide that kind of protection.

Make sure you are aware of the differences between trade marks, businesses, company and domain names. Websites can contain metatags. Metatags are terms contained on a website that hypothetically describe or in some way relate to the subject matter of the website and that are invisible to the Web surfer. These can be used illegally and can constitute deceptive and misleading conduct and/or passing off.

For more information on domain name, trade mark and IP protection, contact Sweeny Legal IP and Commercial.

02 4228 1864 or 0417 699 645


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