Privacy Policy Update – 12 March 2014 deadline is fast approaching

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Update your Privacy Policy Now before 12 March 2014

Non-compliance with the new legislation risks civil penalties of up to $1.7 million for corporations and $340,000 for individuals.

In addition there are new government powers to investigate privacy and data loss events and to obtain enforceable undertakings in the event of a breach of the laws.

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How can we work together? Please contact me if you have any Privacy Policy drafting, Intellectual Property (IP) or Commercial Law needs.

Sweeny Legal announces its IP and Commercial Law Dashboard available now, in Wollongong and beyond. 

Tomorrow’s Lawyer Today.

Sweeny Legal and Associates announces Wollongong’s first resident Patent Attorney and Branding Agent Services available locally.

This Service saves you time, it is convenient, and saves on costs. Alternatively I can come and visit your Office and review your needs

Contact me if you need commercial assistance or  if you need commercial agreement drafting of any kind or IP advice, for example,

Commercial and IP Agreements, Business Relationship Agreements or License Agreements.

Please contact Sweeny Legal  or Brandsworth Licensing should you require any assistance with any Intellectual Property (IP) rights, Commercial Agreements of any type, or IP Business Strategies.

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