Internal Baccalaureate Program (IB) is enrolling now for 2014 – a better alternative than the HSC

Elonera is a fully accredited with the IB Organisation as an IB World School and we are excited to be the only school in the Illawarra to be offering the IB Diploma for Years 11 and 12.


Maria Montessori, founder of theMontessori education movement once said that, Adults are not “born”, but are “made”…

This forty-two year old program of the IB Diploma exists to address the needs of the young people of this planet and the requirements which they will be expected to meet. The rate of change is so fast that much of what a student learns in the first year of a technological degree, will become irrelevant three years later when they graduate. Students must have an in-depth education, but also be able to be flexible and perform in other areas. The skills which a Diploma student learns equip him/her for life far beyond the demands of university. For this reason, many university students, when they return to visit us, tell us that university is ‘easy’ compared to the Diploma.

Not only do students get prepared academically, get training in logic, critical thinking, independent research methods, learning how to manage time (and learning how to relax!), but they learn about their emotional intelligence. Many observers have pointed out that the flexibility required by the 21st Century citizen is a product of emotional abilities, people skills, empathy and expertise in communication.

The IB Diploma has become a world standard as a pre-university entry. This globalised high school diploma is one of the preferred entry qualifications to the world’s most prestigious universities . It is a program of academic and personal development and an education  for 21st century preparedness.

Students join in Year 11 (for two years) and are trained in Higher Order skills, subjects at different levels, and writing an original piece of research. Students develop their own projects in Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). All students study their mother tongue and start a new language.

The Diploma team promote the ten qualities of the Learner Profile which include being a communicator, principled, open-minded, a risk-taker, an enquirer, compassionate, reflective, a thinker and of course, knowledgeable.  The Diploma  has not suffered from grade inflation over its forty year history and it promotes the  Higher Order thinking skills necessary for the Digital Age in which our students will live.

The program consists of three subjects studied in breadth (Standard Level) and three subjects in depth (Higher Level). These subjects are underpinned by Theory of Knowledge (TOK), which examines and questions the nature of knowledge itself – Who owns knowledge? What are the limits of knowledge? Is seeing believing?

The students also need to complete an original piece of research called theExtended Essay with the guidance of a mentor. Students must formulate a Research Question, develop a Methodology, Analyse the Data and make Conclusions.

Our program is engaging, our teachers qualified and enthusiastic. Please get in touch…come for a tour…

Contact Jonathon Shaw on 4225 1000

IB Diploma Coordinator

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