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apple vs samsung sagaApple & Samsung smartphone battle is the most popular patents infringement tussles till date that has left no leaf unturned with respect to smartphone aesthetics. Be it software or the hardware, both Apple and Samsung have spilled law suits over each other worth multi billion dollars in multiple regions and for multiple attributes.
The Samsung and Apple patent war in smartphone domain seems just like a war between gigantic Karjus and Jaegars of Pacific Rim, who are fighting for their pride, safeguarding their business and future interests so as to attain the title of ruling head in the world of digital communication devices.

Pacific Rim Plot Similar to Apple Vs Samsung Saga

The plot of theirwar revolvesmuch around the story of Pacific Rim, where the aliens unlock their bio weapons Kaijus to conquer the Earth and the human join hands to create Jaegers, oversized humanoids piloted by two humans whose brains are connected to each other by neural bridges. Kaijus, the colossal monsters make multiple attempts in various parts of the world to destroy the humanoids, the establishments made by the human kind but on their way stood these gigantic humanoids, invented specially to protect the human race from the constant and repetitive conquests made by Kaijus.

Similarly, the US tech giant Apple and the Korean tech giant Samsung seem to be in a constant war to accrue larger market share, larger share of profits and to pull each other’s products off the market shelves.
The saga began in April 2011, when Apple accused Samsung for copying design of the hardware and software features like double-tap zooming. Samsung counter-sued Cupertino-based Apple for infringing on its software patents. Samsung was found guilty of the infringements by courts of law and thus Apple was awarded with over $ 1billion for the damages, this was later on reduced to just over $450 billion as the jury was found to have committed an error in determining the damages.
apple & samsung with war headsIn June 2011, Samsung alleged that iPhone4 and iPad2 violated patents of the Korean company. The International Trade Commission happened to favor Samsung by imposing a ban on the sale of Apple phones in US jurisdiction. Just a week after Samsung sued Apple in the ITC court, Apple filed a suit against Samsung citing several patent infringements on the hardware designs on the iPhone. Continuing the battle, Apple filed another law suit in California district accusing Samsung of infringing on utility patents in Samsung’s new products. Samsung reverted back stating that “all generations” of iPhone & iPad infringe on its own patents. By this time the war had already reached the peak, but, Apple kept on adding new Samsung products to the list as and when they were launched in the market.
Just as we see intense use of nuclear warheads and machine in the movie, in this tech giant’s war we witness persuasive arguments between lobbyists, policymakers, media, trade officials and government agencies. Although the giant machines, fireworks, flames VFX effects in the smartphone war of Apple and Samsung is missing but the war between lawyers in multiple courts across the oceans and both the giants claiming for settlement of multi-billion dollars for the damages look no different from an intense war scene from Pacific Rim.

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