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Select a Cloud Partner

While choosing a platform has many specific comparison points as previously noted , it is just as important
to diligently examine the capabilities of the proposing partner. These should not be surprising evaluation categories, but given the “managed services” nature of a hosted or cloud solution, it is critical to be sure you are picking the right partner. Unlike a services partner in a premises-based situation, it is difficult to switch if you make a mistake.

  1. Experience

    Obtain as much information as possible on the experience level of the partner staff. Does the partner have a strong technical team, including industry recognized certifications?

  2. Financial Strength

    Ask what is the partner’s financial strength and determine their ability to stay in business (there are far too many partners and the weak will not survive).

  3. References

    Don’t just ask for references – call each of them and ask what lessons they learned and what they would do differently.

  4. Manufacturer Relationship

    Examine the relationship with the manufacturer and what support they have. Has the manufacturer vetted the solution provider or partner? Is the partner in good standing? Does the partner meet manufacturer certification and specialization requirements (or will they let just anyone resell its system)?

  5. Support

    Can the partner provide leading, scalable customer support, including required escalation points?

  6. Project Management

    Can the partner demonstrate strong project management capabilities and hold industry standard project management certifications?

  7. Contracts

    Ask for all contractual agreements up front – and don’t ever sign the documents without a full review. Most Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are relatively weak with minimal penalties for non-performance, so leave ample time to negotiate a fair set of documents.

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