Sweeny Legal IP Dashboard Coming This week – Sweeny legal


Wollongong’s ONLY IP Dashboard in Intellectual Property law and Commercial law services is Coming this Week at Sweeny Legal

Providing intellectual property law services, commercial corporate law services advice to all businesses of various types including but not limited to:

  • Website Terms and Conditions
  • Website Privacy Policy
  • Website Click-Wrap Agreement
  • Trade Mark and Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements of various types and applications
  • Software Licensing
  • Confidentiality agreement drafting
  • Copyright Moral Rights Letter of Demand and copyright permission for Youtube Videos and Local Bands
  • New Inventions to market
  • Trade Mark Research and Registration services
  • Design Rights Registration services
  • Trade Practice and anti-competition breach work
  • Intellectual Property and Commercial Dispute resolution services
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How can we work together? Please contact me if you have  intellectual property or commercial law needs.

Sweeny Legal announces its Virtual Lawyer Service Available in Wollongong.Tomorrow’s Lawyer Today.

This Service saves you time, it is convenient, and saves on costsAlternatively I can come and visit your Office and review your needs

Contact me if you need commercial assistance or  if you need commercial agreements, either reviewed, gap analysis or drafting, for example, Commercial and IP Agreements, Business Relationship Agreements or License Agreements.

Please contact Sweeny Legal  or Brandsworth Licensing should you require any assistance with any Intellectual Property (IP) rights, Commercial Agreements of any type, or IP Business Strategies.

Phone: 02 4228 1864

Mobile: 0417 699 645

eFax: 02 4204 1684 – comes to my email – perfectly secure – my eyes only

Email: info@sweenylegal.com.au

Skype: SweenyLegal

FaceTime: info@sweenylegal.com.au

Contact Sweeny Legal


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