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Brandsworth Licensing logoIP Innovation is good business sense

In the US alone, technology licensing has generated an estimated $45 billion annually, with global licensing approaching $100 billion annually. (Fosfuri, A. The licensing dilemma 206)

For example, a leading company like IBM has return from its IP portfolio  that are estimated at more than $1 billion annually, which counts for 12 cents of IBM’s earning per share.

If you have a product or service and wish to exploit the licensing options available, please contact me.

Rebranding? New logo? new domain? What are the risks?

Whether you’re changing the logo or the entire feel of your brand, there are some key things you need to look out for to keep your brand protected.

A new name?  A new Domain!

It goes without saying that if the rebrand involves a name change or a new product, chances are you’ll have made sure to go out and register the appropriate domain name (if it is available of course) for the new website you’ll be creating.  However, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re actively monitoring the domain name space to make sure fraudsters aren’t trying to move in on your territory.  And while I would recommend some defensive domain name registering, taking it to an excess can be an expensive undertaking and likely a waste of resources.  Also, make sure to link any old URLs to your new ones!  You’d hate for customers to get confused when they land on an error page when they’re looking to visit your website.  Have a redirection, of course.

Look out for old Logos

A company logo is generally considered to be one of the most recognised aspects of a company’s overall brand.  If your rebrand involves a new or updated logo, you’ll likely want to make sure that your vendors and affiliates are using it, seeing as how you’ve gone to all the trouble to create it!  In reality, there aren’t too many places that keep detailed records of every single affiliate (let alone in a single list!) so investing in a service that can help you locate them online is definitely a prudent action.  Not all of these outdated logos need to be addressed straight away; I would definitely prioritize those affiliates that have an ongoing relationship with your company over the ones that you may have had a one time dealing with.

Compliance!  It’s a good thing. 

For companies with a large affiliate network (banks, insurance companies, and real estate agencies) a rebrand can definitely pose a huge problem in terms of compliance given the potential for hundreds or even thousands of brokers each with their own individual websites.  Someone is going to have to make sure all of these websites are compliant with the new corporate standard and, much like with vendors and affiliates using logos, an having updated ‘master list’ of all of these brokers’ websites isn’t always the case.  Companies’ broker networks are generally kept current with any and all rebranding efforts made by the parent organization, but it is always better to have someone constantly monitoring the internet to make sure all the changes have been made; this is especially important in identifying brokers that may no longer be affiliated with your company!

Having an active set of eyes on the internet is crucial to ensuring that your rebrand runs as smoothly as possible.  Brandsworth Licensing offers fully customisable reputation management solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs and has a dedicated account management team with the knowledge and expertise to back it up should you run into any problems.  Don’t let your rebrand flop!  It’ll cost you dearly! Contact Sweeny Legal today.

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