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How can we work together? Please contact me if you have any new inventions to market.

Sweeny Legal announces its Virtual Lawyer Service Available in WollongongTomorrow’s Lawyer Today. This Service saves you time , it is convenient, and saves on costs. Alternatively I can come and visit your Office and review your needs.

Contact me if you need assistance with new inventions of any type or application. Commercial Agreements either reviewed, gap analysis or drafting, for example, Commercial and IP Agreements, Business Relationship Agreements or License Agreements.

Please contact Sweeny Legal  or Brandsworth Licensing should you require any assistance with any Intellectual Property (IP) rights, Commercial Agreements of any type or IP Business Strategies.

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After publishing 200 articles these past two years, we are pretty excited. To celebrate, here are the top 20 articles ranked by readership. Read them individually, tweet them or download all in a free and convenient 86-page book (no form to fill out!). Enjoy and read: Our Top 20 Litigation Articles of All Time – Download in a Free Book ***Please like, comment or just say thanks if you found this helpful.

Here are the top 20 litigation articles to-date from A2L’s Litigation Consulting Report blog. Download all at once in one convenient e-book. Enjoy!

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