Rip, mix, burn and share – wow what technology can do!

[Rotten] sic Apple, When I first witnessed the “Rip mix burn. It’s your music” add campaign on television a few years ago, my first reaction was “they can’t say that” OK we know you can do that, technically of course.

But, you can’t say that.

Lets see where this discussion takes us.

Do we all pay a premium on our Internet Service Providers, (ISP)  providers monthly chargers to cater to the pirates and share the rips, mixes, burns and shares, or do we legislate?

How do we police this type of rip, burn, mix, share? If we legislate?

Common sense must prevail. Fines and imprisonment is not a sufficient deterrent.

Sharing the costs and sending  the dollars back to the original creators is the only real way forward.

We must unlock the IP sufficiently to allow creators to create and ask the consumers to pay reasonable costs.

The Australian Law Reform Commissions Issues Paper “Copyright and the digital economy” has just been released and is available for download from their website.

The Issues Papers which is full of common sense solutions, canvassing  many of the recent problems our copyright law grapples with,

i.e., the latest cloud computing measures, music sharing measures, and time shifting measures.

Submissions for comment have been invited.


Image by Alberto Antoniazzi

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