Brandsworth Licensing at Sweeny Legal

Licensing is the process of leasing a legally protected proprietary right (that is, trademarked or copyrighted) entity – a name, likeness, logo, trademark, graphic design, slogan, signature, character, or a combination of several of these elements. The entity, known as the property or intellectual property, is then used in conjunction with a product. Many major companies and the media consider licensing a significant marketing tool.

Licensing is a marketing and brand extension tool that is widely used by everyone from major corporations to the smallest of small business. Entertainment, sports and fashion are the areas of licensing that are most readily apparent to consumers, but the business reaches into the worlds of corporate brands, art, publishing, colleges and universities and non-profit groups, to name a few.

Licensing can extend a corporate brand into new categories, areas of a store, or into new stores overall. Licensing is a way to move a brand into new businesses without making a major investment in new manufacturing processes, machinery or facilities. In a well-run licensing program, the property owner maintains control over the brand image and how it’s portrayed (via the approvals process and other contractual strictures), but eventually reaps the benefit in additional revenue (royalties), but also in exposure in new channels or store aisles.

If you have an idea about licensing your product, please contact Sweeny legal

Sweeny Legal believes licensing and intellectual property is the perfect business tool. The creator or artist retains the ownership of their intellectual property and issues a license to another party to use or develop their brand. Sweeny Legal’s Brandsworth Licensing can prepare agreements to icense or assign all types of intellectual property for any business use.

Brandsworth Licensing

Our services include:

  • Trade mark and licensing agreements of all types
  • Sponsorship agreements of all types
  • Authorship agreements
  • Assignment agreements of all types
  • Licensing for advertising space
  • Licensing for architects plans
  • Licence to reproduce or repeat design of buildings
  • Intellectual property licensing services
  • Issue of licensing rights relating to audio productions
  • Issue of licensing rights relating to films
  • Issue of licensing rights relating to television productions
  • Issue of licensing rights relating to video productions
  • Issue Licensing rights to exhibit artist works
  • Licensing in film recordings
  • Licence of performing rights into a play
  • License to adapt a novel into a screenplay
  • Licence of copyright in a game
  • License of endorsement of a product
  • License of serial rights in a novel
  • Licensing authority services
  • Licensing of computer firmware
  • Licensing of computer programs
  • Licensing of computer software
  • Licensing of copyright
  • Licensing of intellectual property
  • Licensing of patents
  • Licensing of photographs
  • Licensing of registered designs
  • Licensing of research and development
  • Licensing of rights to photographic prints and transparencies
  • Licensing of software
  • Licensing of stage plays
  • Licensing of technology
  • Licensing of trade marks
  • Licensing services generally
  • Licensing services relating to music
  • Licensing services relating to music publishing
  • Licensing services relating to performance rights
  • Licensing services relating to the manufacture of goods
  • Professional advisory services relating to licensing of patents
  • Professional advisory services relating to licensing of designs
  • Professional advisory services relating to licensing of trade marks
  • Professional advisory services relating to the licensing of industrial property
  • Brandsworth Licensing

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